Studio 11 Wedding, Los Angeles: Zack + Loren

Studio 11 Wedding, Los Angeles: Zack + Loren

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles as Loren and Zack began their wedding day in separate getting ready spaces at Studio 11, exuberating good energy, excited to celebrate their love with their family. It was that type of love that was seen and felt with each and every friend and family member, helping to make this celebration perfect for the newly weds. I always like to say that light/color affects our moods. One of the reasons they wanted to have their wedding in Los Angeles was to get away from cloudy Seattle. They picked out a neutral color scheme focusing on the elements of nature. Loren added yellow to her bouquet in memory of her Grandfather. After documenting bridal and groom details, Studio 11’s courtyard and the rooftop was the perfect spot to capture their sweet love. It was adorable to watch Loren so giddy while Zack gazed deeply into her eyes as they hoped these moments could last forever. After dancing to their favorite music, they ended the night with a pretty sparkler exit. Thank you, Zack and Loren, for trusting me with your wedding day and allowing me to photograph this sweet day for you. Wishing you both many more years of continued love and success.

Special Thank You to Nani and Sara for coordinating their wedding celebration.

Venue: Studio 11

Dress: Modcloth

Groom’s Attire: Jos. A Bank

Hair/Make-up: Domonique Baez

Decor: Imperial Party Rentals

Deejay/ Music: Divine Pro Entertainment, Walter Jovel
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