La Verne Engagement: Zack + Loren

La Verne Engagement: Zack + Loren

Zack and Loren met at the University of California, Santa Cruz while hanging out with mutual friends. It wasn’t long until Zack and Loren had their first date at the schools dining lounge, which is super fitting for two college kids figuring out life. After going through those fun college days, Zack took Loren to her favorite beach in Santa Cruz where they talked about life. This is where he surprised her by asking Loren if she would spend the rest of her life with him. After 7 years, they are making it official with 3 weddings celebrations and I am excited to capture their LA celebration at Studio 11.


Take a look at their cute engagement session in La Verne California below! Oh, and how cute is their puppy Yogi?!

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