Why I became a photographer.


Why I became a photographer.

After writing the title, I want to hit backspace and say I was born a photographer. It’s always been my thing. I believe that photography is one of my purposes here on earth. Getting to capture one of the most important days of someone’s life is still incredible to me. It is an honor when someone chooses me to be their wedding or portrait photographer. Every day this is a constant reminder of why I decided to pursue photography.
From a young age, I decided that I wanted to do something that was a service to others. I was also obsessed with taking photos on my parent’s camera and looking through old photos. In school, when asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, it was hard to answer. Other kids would say, Doctor, Teacher, Policeman, Professional Sports, Acting/Singing and I felt like that was always the out of reach – dream answer for most of us. It was an answer to please our parents and our mentors, but what if we were encouraged to find our nitch and not be pressured to find a career just for its monetary benefits? This is what I had asked myself. I did not want to become a doctor just because the title sounded cool. Also, I did not want to do just any job because that meant that my happiness was going to be sacrificed. I figured out that I wanted to pursue my obsession and make it a career because it was something I simply loved to do.
Once I had figured out that I wanted to be a photographer, I had to make the decision of working for someone else OR working for myself. When I was around the age of 8, one of my sister’s basketball coaches came up to me and told me in a very negative way that I was “very bossy.” That day I remember thinking about how rude that comment was. But I also discovered from that day that I liked to be in charge. Connecting a personality trait and my obsession for photography was the puzzle I needed to complete. I wanted to be a business owner and photographer! Yes, I discovered all of this leading to High School and I couldn’t be more grateful but that is not the case for most people.

So this is why I absolutely LOVE when people pursue the career path that makes them the happiest. Do what you love! 🙂

If you are currently having trouble narrowing down the choices of career paths, here are a few questions you can ask yourself.
Am I currently doing what I love?
Is this someone else’s goals or mine?
Am I taking the necessary steps to pursue these goals?
Does this make me happy?
Do I want to serve others with my craft?
If someone gave me a free pass to success, would this goal be at the very top?