What I’m Doing When I’m Not Photographing Weddings

From the moment I graduated, I knew my lifestyle would be completely changed in order to pursue photography full time. My office was now my living room couch/bed, meetings were now held over FaceTime. Being a wedding photographer is more than just shooting. Actually, I would say 10% of being a wedding photographer is photographing the wedding day. Other days I’m answering emails/inquiries or editing/finishing galleries for clients or working on timelines, invoices, and expense sheets etc. I spend a majority of that time editing. I do not outsource my editing because I like to go through every single photo taken on a wedding day to decided whether or not it belongs in the full gallery. It can be rough sometimes but it’s always so rewarding,

This topic has been on my mind, especially since the start of summer. Working from home and running a business means that it’s going to be a lot of hard work. When I tell people I work from home I get the sense that they think I have free time when it’s actually the opposite. I’m constantly working on something and I put in way more hours than a normal 9-5. It’s crazy to think that no one is here to tell me what to do and when I should do it. I’m beyond grateful for my education and the structure it has provided me so that I could apply it to real life. While writing this exact blog, my sister who just recently moved back from college, walked by with frustration stating that I was boring for still working. LOL Its not only been an adjustment for me but it’s also an adjustment for the loved ones around me. I am thankful for their patience and I can’t wait to show them that hard work will pay off.  Work hard, play harder!