Summer Sunflowers

This past summer I got the chance to plant some sunflowers in my garden. I thought it would be fun and different but it was truly therapeutic. Going to the city (HOLLYWOOD) each and everyday for school became a drag. This is what people dreamed of. Walking around the big city with people they never met and places they’ve never seen. Not I. I wanted a change of scenery, somewhere to escape. If I wasn’t at school I was at home working on assignments. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can be tiring and uninspiring. To take a mental break I would walk around outside and “tend” to my garden. LOL  It was so relaxing. It does something for my soul and I can’t put it into words. But one thing I can say is breathing, feeling and loving nature added so much personal value into my work and ultimately motivated/inspired me to work harder and photograph people in what I say is “God’s beautiful creation”

( I bought these sunflowers thinking they would be like 3ft tall but after I planted them I looked at the package to see when they would bloom and also saw on the top right hand corner “11ft tall” 🙂 yay.. )

Sunflowers_2015_2 Sunflowers_2015_6 Sunflowers_2015_7