Create A Seating Chart For Guests

Create A Seating Chart For Guests


Y’all this is so helpful for guests. Creating a seating chart tells guests where to go to next. It gives them peace knowing that they have a spot to go to with their name on it. If you have open seating it could create drama at your wedding because people don’t want to sit by each other or they start saving seats leaving other guests with nowhere to sit or even worse, separating a wedding guest from their date. This also helps the budget by getting the correct amount of tables for the evening instead of planning for an extra two tables, centerpieces, plates, silverware, napkins etc.

You can get creative planning these seating charts. One of my brides created her seating chart with tags and keys that went along with her wedding theme. Keep vibes happy at your wedding by planning a cute seating chart. It could also be your family and friends take home thank you gift!

If you are looking for a calligraphy artist to write all the names I suggest Jody Che at My baby Olive Juice in Pasadena. She does amazing work.