Farm life ventures!

What a wonderful trip I had to see my grandparents and take a little R&R from everyday life. They live such a beautiful (farm) life and this year I decided to capture a little peak into their garden. At 82 years old they still grow and pick their own crops. Imagine waking up, drinking some coffee, reading the newspaper then going out to your garden to pick some ingredients for tonights dinner?! It seems so surreal now compared to an average everyday lifestyle! It still amazes me to watch them garden at their age and do what they love. It keeps them busy in the summer time and quite healthy.

When I go visit them I get spoiled with all the fresh foods that come from their garden so much that when I go home I do not like to eat any of it because it doesn’t taste as fresh.. yikes! This year they had three horses on their property to eat the brush/grass etc. The horses get spoiled too.. my grandpa feeds them veggies from the garden and they absolutely looove it!

Heres a peak into their farm life.
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