Crazy Hot/Cold Weather?

The weather here in Southern California has been inconsistent for about a year now.  It can definitely put a damper on your day if you are not prepared for it. Today I am sharing some must haves for crazy hot and cold weather on a wedding day.


If your wedding is outdoors at any point, think about providing light refreshments for guests to hydrate.  More often than not, couples forget this aspect because there is so much going on. Remind your wedding coordinator to have this set up for you especially during the summer and fall months. Heck, if you are sweating up there by the altar, your guests are sweating in their seats too! ( we don’t need anyone passing out, especially the bride and groom! )


If you are having a winter wedding or are getting married in a cold climate, make sure to have a coffee/water table setup by the ceremony.  If you truly want to style the ceremony space, provide throws (blankets) that guests can cozy up with.


Provide umbrellas and or a tent for guests so that they are not getting drenched watching you say I Do!