Casa Bonita, Fullerton: Gabriel + Jennifer

Casa Bonita, Fullerton. Gabriel + Jennifer!

What an amazing day it was to celebrate two people who are madly in love. When I first met them I knew that their day was going to be something special. I could see it in the way they had envisioned their day and the passion they had for each other and how they wanted that same passion to be photographed. Jennifer and Gabriel met at work and as time went on their chemistry was undeniable. They shared lots of laughs during their reception when Gabriel’s brother told guests that during their first date Jennifer had came over to see Gabriel and Gabriel’s brother was just chillin’ with them and had absolutely no idea that it was their first date! Hilarious!! Im glad Jennifer stayed around because what they have is amazing! Here is a look into their special day at Casa Bonita! Wishing them lots of love for many years to come!

Second Shooter: Monica Duny
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