Brentwood, Los Angeles: Max + Edie


Brentwood, Los Angeles: Max + Edie

Old classmates Edie and Max reconnected a couple years ago through Facebook. When Max reached out to Edie they both knew this unexpected relationship was going to be something special. Edie mentioned how wonderful Facebook has been for her because of how many people she has reconnected with. Edie was Max’s crush when they were younger and on this day, he finally got to live out his dream and marry his crush. Their wedding day was Alice In Wonderland themed and was displayed stunningly around a private estate in Brentwood California. This fun and beautiful, couple definitely had a wedding for the books. I am so honored to be apart of your special day and to be able to work with such an amazing creative team. Here is a look into their fabulous wedding day…


Photography: Madison Ellis Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Elle A Events

Event Styling: Behind the Blue Door

Florist: Wildvase

Desserts: Kneadybakersla

Valet Service: Properparking
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This flower girl taking pictures was so darling! Heart eyes for days!
5212016_SilversteinWedding_432 5212016_SilversteinWedding_450 5212016_SilversteinWedding_455

From the Badgley Mischka shoes, the Saint Laurent and Chloe details, the Alice In Wonderland themed desserts and custom seat tags made by the bride and butterfly cake it was a beautiful day! Wishing Max and Edie the best in the years to come!