White Barn Inspired Summer Wedding In The Valley of Arroyo Grande, California by Wedding Photographer Madison Ellis. (28)
March 30, 2019

A First Dance At Sunset

Wedding Wisdom

A First Dance At Sunset

Photographing the first dance at the end of sunset after just taking their bride and groom pictures is seriously the prettiest thing to witness as a guest and a photographer. The couple tends to be EVEN  happier and in love. There’s something about that pretty light or what we photographers call it “magic hour” that brings immediate joy and happiness into our lives. It’s simply a magical moment for the bride and groom as they dance to the perfect song that reflects their love story.  I’d suggest if you have an outdoor wedding reception to make sure to schedule in the first dance at sunset. I promise… you won’t regret it!

It’s definitely a moment that is never forgotten.

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