What Time Should Our First Look Be?

What Time Should Our First Look Be?

First looks are amazing and super special. If you are worried that it will take away from the “traditional walk down the aisle” moment, it won’t. I promise. I’ve had groom’s cry at both the first look and when they see you walking down the aisle. So sweet!!


First looks are a new trend and are not traditional.  Planning them can be difficult if you don’t have the correct understanding of how they work. First looks are typically 15 minutes. This is where you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. This is the perfect time to exchange notes or gifts. You can go straight into bride and groom portraits or into family portraits/wedding party portraits after.  To make sure we have room for error, my brides plan their first looks 2.5 hours before the ceremony time. The reason being that they will avoid early arriving guests or if someone is running late, they will still have time to take these photos before getting tucked away for touch-ups before the ceremony.

Still worried? Think about it like this… you get TWO special and emotional moments and get to spend most of your wedding day together!