What Is Success To You?

With all the change around me lately, I find myself speaking with peers about life goals. I think we all at some point let society get to us. We let society indirectly let us know that we failed because we didn’t keep up with society’s timeline. Here’s the thing we have to remember while growing: Your timeline is strickly YOUR timeline. We are told that in order to be successful we have to achieve this by this age or go to this place at this time. At the end of the day, we all have different life spans. You may achieve your goals at 25 and pass at 50. Somebody may achieve their goal at 70 and pass at 100. They both found happiness and achieved sucess in their life. A lot of us don’t achieve what we want because of the fear of failure. So we sit in this pocket of contentment with the words lingering in the back of our minds “One day I’ll..” or ” If this or that”. We should lead lives that we love on our timeline because we can still achieve success. The meaning of success is not the same for everybody. To me, success starts with doing what I love while being free and happy.  To you, it may be a certain job title or a certain compensation rate. Whatever success is to you, know that you are on your timeline and don’t let others tell you that you can’t. We need more people doing what they love so that this world can be left happier/more positive then when we entered it.