Website Launch – Natural Light Wedding Photographer

It’s a really exciting day around here because I launched my new website. WOO! I have been working really hard on this new site and so to see it come together is extremely rewarding. I wanted to make it user-friendly so that y’all can navigate my blog easier and see new posts of weddings – engagements – maternity sessions and wedding tips!

I often get asked about how I made my website and if I could make a website for them.. I’m not a professional at making websites so I always recommend hiring someone if you don’t what you are doing or researching how to! During my time at the Art Insitute I took a few web design classes with the schools hardest professors and I almost lost my mind. It was incredibly hard to understand the language of coding. ( It’s an actual web language)  I spent countless hours trying to learn how to start a website ( & eating cheez-it snacks on the side) and soaked up all of my professor’s knowledge. Today I am so grateful that I did because it saved me thousands of dollars. Web Designers deserve so much credit because that is intense/tedious work and it take’s a lot of patience!

Knowledge is power friends! Happy Friday!

“leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion” – Jack Welchcropped-IMG_8004-2-1-1.jpg
Thank you flothemes!