Should I Have An Unplugged Wedding?

If you asked me a few years ago if I preferred plugged or unplugged weddings, my answer was usually unplugged but what is it today?!

This topic seems to be up for debate within the wedding industry. I thought about this topic for a while and decided that I should share my opinion with all you. Honestly, both options are beautiful. That seems like the please all type answer but it’s simply true and here’s why:

It’s all up to the bride and groom and their preference. I think a lot of photographers and other vendors try to persuade couples into an unplugged wedding without taking the time to fully understand the concept.

If the couple wants an unplugged wedding, that’s great! They want their guests to be fully present and/or they don’t want those photos to be posted online.  That is rare these days and an amazing concept to keep those memories sacred and to themselves. If the couple does not mind a plugged wedding that’s totally ok too! They want to see how their wedding day looks in the eyes of their friends and family. They want guests to capture those memories as well.

I was conflicted when I heard other vendors really rooting for unplugged weddings. A wedding day is not about the vendor, it really isn’t. Of course, it is aesthetically beautiful to have an unplugged wedding but a real wedding day is not a styled shoot. These are real people living out real moments.

Personally, my portfolio will come second because I set out to serve beautiful couples on their wedding day first. I’ll take an unplugged or plugged wedding any day as long as my M.E. Brides are happy!

What are your thoughts?