What Shoes To Wear On A Wedding Day

Ladies! Listen Up. Comfort is everythinnnngg on a wedding day no matter if you are the bride, guest, photographer/vendor team. I know the look of the shoe matters to most people and comfort doesn’t always come with a stunning heel so I recommend breaking in the shoe before you wear them all day. ( like really breaking it in. Not walking around the kitchen the night before haha) But if I’m honest, just like Disneyland, your feet will hurt by the end of the night no matter what heels or shoes you wear.

Bridesmaids, if your bride doesn’t mind what kind of shoe you wear, I suggest picking the most comfortable option 1000%.  Especially if your dress hides your heels! If that is not an option, for the reception I suggest bringing a pair of nice flats to dance the night away!

Here’s to beautiful memories!