Reception Events Timeline – Back To Back

Reception Events Timeline – Back To Back

Wedding receptions: we either LOVE them or HATE them as guests. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word but we could see some improvement in the flow of a wedding reception.
After experiencing different types of wedding receptions, there is one major key that I have noticed that would make receptions more delightful. And that is to have back to back wedding reception events. For everyone involved, this seems to be the most enjoyable and efficient. As the bride and groom, you get to enjoy the majority of the night without each vendor pulling you aside to talk about “what you are doing next”. For the guests, they are immediately entertained as the reception starts. As for the vendors, they get to get the majority of their work of the night out of the way. Utilize two straight hours for all of the reception events and then the rest of the night you can enjoy with family and friends with no other interruptions.

Here is a timeline that reflects back to back wedding reception events.

Grand Entrance – 7:00pm
First Dance – 7:05pm
Mother Son Dance – 7:10pm
Father Daughter Dance – 7:15pm
Dinner – 7:20pm
During Dinner – speeches – 7:40
Cake Cutting – 8:20pm
Bouquet and Garter Toss – 8:30pm
Open dancing – 8:45pm – end

If you wish to have this, chat with your wedding planner or photographer about your wedding reception events, they know the flow of your day the best.