My Stay In Summerland

Lately, I’ve been on this good energy/karma train. It’s something I never really gave much thought to until my late grandpa explained it to me. I will never forget crying laughing at all his stories of passing on energy within all types of situations. It’s really simple, what goes around comes back around. Treat people how you want to be treated. Speak it into existence.  If you pass on a smile to someone, you could make their day. It’s all about being genuine and making this world a positive place to live in.

I recently shot a destination wedding in Summerland / Santa Barbara. I stayed at a super cute hotel called Inn on Summer Hill. Their hospitality was amazing! With free breakfast and hor dourves/wine, how could you not love a cottage by the beach for a simple weekend stay? ( If you followed my Instagram story, you know what I mean!! ) Since you know I’m a plant lady, I loved all of their gardens and all of the good vibes!! I’ve never seen some of those plants before so it inspired me to find them for my own garden. I literally stopped to smell the roses succulents with the short amount of time I could. It was so pretty I could admire it all day! The next day a worker/gardener quickly approached me and said: “I noticed you admired the plants, I’d love for you to have this basket of plants!” I was taken back by the kindness in his heart. That was incredibly sweet to do that. I know that God and faith work in mysterious ways and the good vibes flowed all weekend.

It taught me that people may not always appreciate your work but when they do, reward them with gratitude.