Madison’s Favorite Groom Details To Photograph

Madison’s Favorite Groom Details To Photograph.

I don’t get to photograph the groom details often because I am typically with the bride and getting all of her details. But when I photograph the groom and his details I have a few favorites that are always my go to!

First up is always the groom’s dress shoes! Whether its a black tie event or a rustic garden wedding, the shoes are always an indicator of the groom’s style and personality. It tells me if he is more formal or laid back with his style. I will start photographing the shoes then add other details to style it!

Next, I will add his cologne of choice. Grooms always take pride in their cologne and have always explained to me why or when they got that scent. It’s a fun and charming little detail but I love hearing those little meaningful stories.

Lastly, I will add the tie or bow tie. It’s the best finishing touch to the groom’s attire.

If they have other fun details like cufflinks, tie clips or pocket squares etc… I will sprinkle those around the main details and photograph it all in one to complete his full wedding day look. These are super sweet memories to look back on so make sure you or your groom have those details ready to be photographed on your wedding day!