LeChene, Santa Clarita: John + Chelsea

LeChene, Santa Clarita: John + Chelsea

When I first met John and Chelsea at their consultation, I knew that their wedding was going to be a blast! From all the details they had envisioned to the people they wanted to be apart of their day at the beautiful LeChene French Cuisine, Santa Clarita. I knew this was going to be a day full of love, joy and laughter. John and Chelsea met through mutual friends and got to know each other on a social media website called Myspace! Ever since the day they met…6 years ago, they have been each others best friends and number one supporters. The energy on this day was magical. You could truly feel the love that their friends and family had for these two and better yet the love they had for each other. Lots of heartfelt tears and emotions filled the room all night long. I was in awe of their guests when I stepped outside for a brief moment to catch a few people wiping away their tears from all the toasts and memories being shared. John and Chelsea, you guys are loved by so many! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day and trusting me as your wedding photographer! It was truly an honor! 

Here is a look into their beautiful wedding day!


Venue: LeChene French Cuisine 

Creative Team:

Wedding Coordinator: Elle A Events

Florals: Acton Creative Flowers

MUA: Paola Torgesen-Brenes

Hair Stylist: Kylan Henderson

Second Shooter: Monica Duny


A little piece of France… 🙂
10215_GordonWedding0001-110215_GordonWedding0003-3 10215_GordonWedding0042-2 10215_GordonWedding0041-1 10215_GordonWedding0006-4 10215_GordonWedding0018-3

The glam team getting the bride ready… 🙂 10215_GordonWedding0010-2 10215_GordonWedding0008-1 10215_GordonWedding0021-2 10215_GordonWedding0019-1gordonwedding1

Chelsea received a custom hanger made for her dress which was stunning! gordonwedding-1 10215_GordonWedding0030-2

Loved this bold bridal look! Nine West shoes!10215_GordonWedding0052-1 10215_GordonWedding0048-4 10215_GordonWedding0049-5

John had a classic and timeless look for the big day! gordonwedding9-9 10215_GordonWedding0757-2 gordonwedding10-10 gordonwedding8-8 10215_GordonWedding0755-1 10215_GordonWedding0733-1

They had time to relax and joke around with friends before I DO’s !
10215_GordonWedding0054-2 10215_GordonWedding0056-3

The beautiful bride!10215_GordonWedding0086-1 gordonwedding3-3 gordonwedding4-410215_GordonWedding0093-1 10215_GordonWedding0058-1 10215_GordonWedding0062-2 10215_GordonWedding0063-3“Stop and smell the roses”gordonwedding2-2 10215_GordonWedding0697-1 10215_GordonWedding0699-210215_GordonWedding0771-2 10215_GordonWedding0772-3 10215_GordonWedding0790-4 10215_GordonWedding0138-2 10215_GordonWedding0139-3 10215_GordonWedding0798-610215_GordonWedding0153-3 10215_GordonWedding0796-5 10215_GordonWedding0149-1 10215_GordonWedding0146-1 10215_GordonWedding0152-2 10215_GordonWedding0155-4 10215_GordonWedding0803-7

Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon!10215_GordonWedding0160-5 10215_GordonWedding0161-610215_GordonWedding0192-1gordonwedding5-5 gordonwedding6-6 gordonwedding7-7 10215_GordonWedding0828-3 10215_GordonWedding0829-4

Laughing in-between shots…. 🙂10215_GordonWedding0196-1 10215_GordonWedding0203-1 10215_GordonWedding0251-110215_GordonWedding0170-7 10215_GordonWedding0818-10 10215_GordonWedding0172-8 10215_GordonWedding0817-9 10215_GordonWedding0177-10 10215_GordonWedding0813-8 10215_GordonWedding0174-9

Such a fun group to photograph!!10215_GordonWedding0820-110215_GordonWedding0099-110215_GordonWedding0104-310215_GordonWedding0103-210215_GordonWedding0253-110215_GordonWedding0351-310215_GordonWedding0345-210215_GordonWedding0363-510215_GordonWedding0379-610215_GordonWedding0884-110215_GordonWedding0302-210215_GordonWedding0306-110215_GordonWedding0855-510215_GordonWedding0410-110215_GordonWedding0419-110215_GordonWedding0423-110215_GordonWedding0904-310215_GordonWedding0426-210215_GordonWedding0907-410215_GordonWedding0438-310215_GordonWedding0911-510215_GordonWedding0441-110215_GordonWedding0923-410215_GordonWedding0879-310215_GordonWedding0508-310215_GordonWedding0463-210215_GordonWedding0633-1110215_GordonWedding0581-810215_GordonWedding0532-510215_GordonWedding0556-6