Lacy Park, Pasadena: Anthony + Bianca

Ok guys I just keep saying to myself WOOOOWW! These two were amazing to photograph and must I say… High School Sweetheart Alert!! I have known Anthony and Bianca since high school ( wow that sounds like were getting old … crazy) and they have been dating since our sophomore year. Ever since I have known them, they have been quite the duo. They can have you crackin up in an instant. As we went through the park, listening to their stories was so insightful because in these moments we realize how incredible “growing up” is. Spending the day with them, I can truly say they have grown up into wonderful young adults.  They are so loving and supportive with their friends and loved ones, who wouldn’t want to be graced with their presence?!!?!? LOL! It was so fun reconnecting and doing this charming little shoot with them. Take a look into their day!!

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