Every Accomplishment Starts With A Decision To Try

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try..


It’s almost been a year since I set out to simply try… to move forward with business/life goals I thought I wasn’t capable of reaching. At least that’s what I was told while in school. So I set these goals anyway, and each day I tried to do something to move me in the direction of success. It meant stepping outside of my comfort zone, speaking and reaching out to people I thought would give me advice and enhance the areas I needed help on. Let me tell you… the reward of accomplishment is a beautiful thing and it tastes way better than pizza.

But today I came across this quote and I was like AMEN! Everything that I’ve accomplished has been because I decided to try. For me, it is simple to sit and get stuck in my feelings of not being good enough, but I have discovered that a one day/one step at a time approach helps me overcome the mental struggle of not trying. I realized that I had nothing to lose if I tried, but I took a 100% lost every single time I decided not try and that was more disappointing than anything.  Heck, just try.. even if you fail.. you still get to take away a valuable lesson!

So wherever you are today, just try.

Happy Tuesday!