How To Best Prepare For A Photo Shoot

How to best prepare for a  photo shoot.
It was the day before the first wedding I ever shot, I was at school prepping for finals and the wedding. All of the sudden I became dizzy, I had a migraine headache and I couldn’t focus at all. I went to my car and laid down in the back for an hour. I kept thinking that I needed to push through because this was what I had been waiting for. LUCKILY I knew that I already had a majority of my to-do list done for prep but still worried I would miss something for the shoot. And I did. I missed giving my client a list of things I needed from them for the wedding. And they forget to bring details they wanted as well. From this day forward I made sure that I would take care of these details a week or two in advance for ALL SHOOTS in case this situation ever happened again.Here are some ways to best prepare for a shoot as the client and/or photographer.

As a photographer, I always hear or see that the client forgot something and that’s because they didn’t think of it as part of the to-do list and or it was last minute. Here is a list of things to get accomplished weeks before the shoot, so you are best prepared for the day!

Client list:
Exact address sent to people in the shoot / vendors
Hair and Make-up ideas / run through
Wardrobe fittings – shoes/clothes/jewelry
Navigation time check
Nails appointment
Spray tan or natural tan
Props / themed details – ordered
Things people forget
extra bobby pins – lipstick – lipgloss – chapstick – clothes pins
Medicine – Allergy meds / eye drops

Photographer list:
Exact address
Shot list
Emergency numbers
Navigation time check
Memory Cards
Appropriate lenses
( Rentals if any )
Lighting – batteries
Of course, this list could be personalized towards your needs and/or your client’s needs.