How To Avoid Carrying A Heavy Bouquet

How To Avoid Carrying A Heavy Bouquet

As a plant lady, I LOVE documenting your bouquet and florals on your wedding day. But when a bouquet becomes too cumbersome to carry, you won’t find it fun to take pictures with it. Then all that time you spent designing the bouquet goes to waste because it’s sitting on the floor. I totally get that you weren’t expecting to do an arm workout on your wedding day….so how can you avoid a heavy bouquet but still have it look full and beautiful? Plan to have more greenery/leaves that will fill up the bouquet with fewer stems

Some of my brides have told me that they meet with their florist to help design their dream bouquet so that they know exactly what they are walking down the aisle with. Make sure that you can hold it with one hand comfortably otherwise it will be too heavy. Bouquets are too expensive and too pretty to be left under the table on the floor.

It’s true…you can still achieve a full bouquet look with fewer stems. All you have to do is let your florist know your needs and they will take care of that.