December 5, 2015

Santa Clarita: Andrew + Rosio

Madison Ellis Photography Blog

Excited to share with you all this amazing opportunity I got from Taylor Kinzie Photography to assist and shoot at one of her fabulous weddings in Santa Clarita. Here are some beautiful moments I got from their gorgeous outdoor wedding! :)



_7D_1461 _7D_1476 _7D_1480 _7D_1487 _7D_1519_7D_1557 _7D_1598 _7D_1576
_7D_1571 _7D_1624 _7D_1627 _7D_1632 _7D_1651 _7D_1657 _7D_1690_7D_1715_7D_1742_7D_1780_7D_1782_7D_1795_7D_1797_7D_1801_7D_1812_7D_1813_7D_1814_7D_1818_7D_1951_7D_1968_7D_1973_7D_1996_7D_2026_7D_2144_7D_2152_7D_2164_7D_2191_7D_2204_7D_2205_7D_2256_7D_2263_7D_2307_7D_2356

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