Light and Airy Winter Wedding at Lost River LA Gamble House By Wedding Photographer Madison Ellis (41)
January 10, 2018

Lost River LA, Gamble House Wedding: Wyatt + Annelise

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Lost River LA, Gamble House Wedding: Wyatt + Annelise

I loved getting to capture this LA winter inspired wedding! The day started off at the beautiful Lost River LA where Annelise got her hair and make-up done. She chose the most beautiful bridal room that had SO much natural light pouring through the windows. ( which is always my fav!! ) There were so many fun bridal details but I couldn’t stop obsessing over Annelise’s beautiful wedding dress complimented by her up-do! I mean, she looked stunning walking down to her first look! Wyatt’s reaction was priceless as he turned around to see Annelise at their first look. As we were walking around the Gamble House in Pasadena, you could tell by the look in Wyatt’s eye that he truly loves and admires his wife! Getting to see these two walk hand in hand on their wedding day, completely in love, smiling and being their quirky selves was just what I needed to end my wedding season.  Thank you, Annelise and Wyatt, for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I feel so grateful to be apart of your BEAUTIFUL wedding day!

Special thank you to the amazing creative team!

Getting Ready Venue: Lost River LA

Portraits: Gamble House

Reception: Chloe’s Golden Road

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Milk Events
Bridal Gown: Calla Blanche / Panache Bridal 
Hair: Lot 15 Salon
Make-up: Maribel
Florist: @lejardin_prive
Caterer: Chloe’s at Golden Road
Stationery Design: Milk Events
Deejay: Matt Wake Hettich

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