May 9, 2019

Check List For My Luxury Engagement Session

Wedding Wisdom

Checklist For My Luxury Engagement Session


As a photographer, I always hear or see that the client forgot something at home and that’s because they didn’t think of it as part of the to-do list and or it was last minute.

Here is a checklist of things to get accomplished weeks before the shoot—so you are best prepared for the day!
Your Session Checklist:

  • Exact address confirmed
  • Hair and Makeup ideas tested/ run through
  • Wardrobe fittings – shoes/clothes/jewelry
  • Clothes Ironed
  • Navigation time check
  • Nail appointment
  • Spray tan or natural tan
  • Props / themed details – ordered / in bag
  • Flowers/ Bouquets / Blankets / Picnic Basket / Champagne glasses
  • Things people forget: extra bobby pins – lipstick – lipgloss – chapstick – clothespins
    Medicine – Allergy meds/eye drops
  • The weather – weekly / that day

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