A Romantic Floral Inspired Summer Wedding in the open fields of Hamilton Oaks, San Juan Capistrano by Wedding Photographer Madison Ellis
December 19, 2017

#1 Tip To Remember While Walking Down The Aisle

Wedding Wisdom

#1 Tip To Remember While Walking Down The Aisle


No one will tell you this… but walk slowly down the aisle.  You may be in a rush to get the day started BUT this is where your mind can be forgetful. I’ve personally heard a lot of stories where brides and grooms can’t even remember the ceremony because they were SO excited and forgot to slow down. If you want to remember how it looked, how you felt, and the music you heard while walking down the aisle, walk slowly. Look around and take a deep breath so that the ceremony can be burned into your mind forever. You will have pictures, but nothing is as powerful as being present in the moment.


Remember: “walk slow, take it all in”

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